Here we go again! After four years we are back. Since our first meeting in 2008, when 8 puppies and their mother Terra gathered together, a lot of things have happened. We wanted to share our adventures with all of the owners of our dogs. 13 black terriers were gathered on a sunny Sunday on 7. october at one place. From the youngest of 8 months old and up to 5 years old dogs. Our mother Terra, who will be nine years old in February, has already become a grandmother. She also became Veteran Champion of Slovenia this year, so she proved her health and beauty. She deserved her pedigree name Bella. She was curiously and patronizingly circulating between their descendants and made sure that everything went fine. If any male tested the patience of others with growling, she quickly joined in and reassured the situation. For entertainment, pets had to demonstrate their sniffing abilities, so they could find food hidden underneath dog dish and in a box full of paper and then transfer balls in their mouths. For meritorious efforts they all received red collar with a figure of a black terrier with dog’s name in it’s center. In the group picture we are all proudly posing with them. Because this was also a meeting of the SKVPM Club, we invited one of the representatives of Caucasian shepherds. Members of the section have received an unique ceramic container with dog paws for their commitment. Meeting us in a good and relaxed atmosphere quickly passed and we stayed there until the rain reminded us to go home.


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