The Black Russian Terrier originates from the former Soviet Union (Russia) and is the only service breed that was created in such a short - forty-year period. As a service breed, the Red Star Service Dog Breeding Institute created it from breeds: large schnauzer, airedale, rottweiler and a small proportion of the Moscow diver, which originated from the Newfoundland, Caucasian, Central Asian Shepherd and… (more on the origin of HISTORY ). In 1957, dogs were first presented at a state show in Moscow and attracted a lot of attention, and the breed was first introduced to the world in Helsinki in 1975. In 1984, the FCI officially recognized it as the "black terrier". This is not a terrier in the true sense, so it is not classified in III. FCI group among terriers, but in II. FCI group between large breeds and moloses.

From military hands, breeding soon moved to amateur, and so by then the rough type of dog had become a stable, calm, manageable and devoted family member and a good human companion. He likes to please his master, but becomes sharp and flashy when he feels that his loved ones are in danger. He is very self-sacrificing, especially towards children. He likes to establish a hierarchy with family members. He is tolerant of other animals and has no hunting instinct. He does not tolerate a lonely life and chain, so he needs a man who will have time for him. Good socialization and a consistent and disciplined upbringing are recommended. He is great for school, smart, confident and reliable. Education should start with the puppy, and schooling at four to six months in a small school, because by that time it has already reached a considerable size and weight. It is harmless and almost invisible in the apartment.

The Black Russian Terrier is of above-average size: bitches 68 - 72 cm and dogs 72 - 76 cm (more in FCI STANDARD). The weight is around 45-60 kg. It is very harmonious and elegant and almost square in size. The whole body is covered with black, long, wavy and airy hair, which is odorless and does not fall out with regular combing. The head is characterized by a long tuft and chin. On the extremities the hair is longer, on the body shorter. Care requires at least once a week brushing, bathing every 2-3 months or as needed. Shearing is mandatory and in accordance with the criteria 3-4 times a year.

A well-mannered and nice groomed BRT will be a pride for every owner.

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