4.1.2019 K-litter (7 females and 5 males)!
Puppies are not available anymore.
Neli & Iztok Šuler
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In a kennel Bella Fantasia on 4th of January 2019 was born a beautiful litter with 12 black russian terrier puppies (5 boys and 7 girls). Both parents are healthy champion dogs. A father was imported from the biggest russian kennel Zolotoy Grad. Mom is our 3th generation and also has strong Russian and Europian lines (Chigasovo, Russkaya Dinastiya, Deneb-Keitos, Belaja Gora, Tara's Sarja)  In a Pedigree are many World and Res. Winners, Euro Winners, International Winners, Club Winners,… 

Mom: FUTURA ALJONKINA BELLA FANTASIA is very compact middle sized female (69 cm high) with big wide head, dark eyes, great black volume coat, excellent top line and angulation, amazing movement, very obedience with friendly and stabile character. She is very successful show and working dog.

Dad: ZHARKIY OGON S ZOLOTOGO GRADA is very compact strong male (75 cm high) with big wide head and muzzle, with super deep black coat, nice top line and angulation, free temperament movement. He is very stabile and friendly adult boy


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